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Glosario - Dictionary
Written by juan antonio martinez comeche   
Wednesday, 06 August 2008

DATA. Iconic signs (any audiovisual material: photography, video, music, for example) or symbolic signs (any language material, oral or written, for example). It need not have meaning for the receiver.

INFORMATION. Data set that a human being has compared with an information need at a given time, considering them as relevant (thematically linked with the information need), novel (not known previously by the human being) and useful (appropriate to solve the information need).

INFORMATION RETRIEVAL. Process by which information is provided (usually in the form of documents or their representation) from data stored in advance in an unstructured manner.

STOP WORD. Useless word for information retrieval in a particular collection, that is, unable to discern the relevant (thematically linked with the information need) from the irrelevant documents with any query made in the collection.

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